Appliance Information

At Eagle Propane Sales we believe the more you know, the more safe you can be. The following information is for educational purposes of our customers

Servicing and Maintenance - Propane appliances should have regular maintenance perform anually to ensure safe, clean and effiecent operation of the appliance. Propane appliances should never be modified from manufacturer's specifications, you are taking the risk of yourself and your family into your own hands.

Pilot Lights - If a pilot light repeatedly goes out or is very dificult to light, there may be a saety problem. DO NOT try to fix it yourself. All propane appliances should be service annually and only by qualified service technicians.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) -Carbon Monoxide is a product of incomplete gas combustion often because appliances are imporperly adjusted. CO can be deadly, high levels of can make you dizzy or sick, in extreme cases can cause brain damage or death. Properly functioning propane appliances will produce what is know as an ideal burn during the combustion and present no danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you suspect Carbon Monoxide is present act immediately. For more information on Carbon Monoxide see our information page on Carbon Monoxide.

Establish Rules for Children - Parents should make sure children know the rules and safety of propane appliances. Here are some simple rules for kids:

   - Keep papers, toys, dolls and balloons away from furnaces, space heaters and gas fireplaces.

   - Do Not turn on propane appliances, including propane barbecues, without adult supervision.

   - Stay off of and do not play on or arond propane tanks.

   - Do not open service valves on unconnected propane cylinders