Propane Pricing

Propane Demand - One of the main factors influencing the price of propane is demand. Propane is produces year-round, however the demand for propane is highly seasonal and causes inventories at the refineries to increase when demand is low (usually the summer) and decrease inventories when demand is high (usually in the winter). When demand is high and the inventories are low the prices tends to rise. Rising propane prices does not  mean incresaed profits, Eagle Propane Sales limits its costs as much as possible to pass along the best competitive price to our customers.

Your Price - The price of propane is primarily a function of the market and demand but there are variable costs and fixed costs of operation and the delivery of propane. Eagle Propane Sales like all propane companies is regulated and subject to the jurisdiction of Transport Canada, Environment Canada, and the Provincial Safety Authorites, Local Fire Departments Municipal Building Codes and City Ordinances. Many propane users don't understand the requirements imposed on propane companies, one of the largest expenses is insurance. In order to be insured, a propane supplier must provide evidence of compliance for the regulations and requirements of the said levels of government. Without insurance, a propane company will lose its license and cease to operate. Just like any other business, propane suppliers have fleet maintenance, payroll, taxes, fuel costs, safety training, and numberous other operational costs. Contrary to popular belief, the market price subtracted from suppliers' price is not purely profit.

The Cost of Shopping - Looking for the best propane price is common amoug consumers but bargain hunting with regard to propane has pitfalls and potiential consequences. It may sound odd that shopping around for the cheapest gas price could be potentially dangerous, but in fact it's a reality. it's also a matter of comfort and family warmth during unseasonably cold and bad weather. With computer programs usagesare able to be tracked, and more accurately forcast when a customer will need a delivery of propane. If a user constantly purchases propane from different suppliers to save a few bucks, that particular customer's usage history will be thrown off and forecasts based on usages is useless. Eagle Propane offers loyal customers discounts to labour costs and parts for regular maintenance of propane appliances and has auto-fill/ auto-pay to ensure an ease of worrying about running out. Not to mention, the cheapest price does not always imply the safeest and best service. An ongoing relationship with an established propane supplier like Eagle Propane Sales is an essential link in the overall picture of price, safety and service.