Reading Propane Tank Gauge

Not all propane cylinders / tanks have gauges and not all gauges look the same. With different manufacturers the gauges vary in style, size and look but all have the same purpose, to allow the user to see how much propane fuel is in the tank at a given time. Most gauges on tanks are a float gauge style, which is a basic concept of an arm inside the tank that as the level of liquid propane drops the floating arm drops reducing the indicating number on the dial of the gauge. The gauge on the tank shows the approximate percentage of fuel and should not be use to fill the cylinder/tank. Propane tanks can not be legally filled passed 80% capacity of the tank to allow for expansion of the liquid propane.The numbers on the dial of the gauge indicate the percentage of propane fuel in the tank. Most dials on the propane gauges range from 10 to 80 on cylinders and 5 to 95 on tanks. These gauges are not to be confused with pressure gauges that range from 0 to 300 (most tanks don't have pressure gauges). View the photos below to help determine how to locate and read the propane percentage of the tank.



The following chart will help you to determine how many litres of propane are left in tank from reading the gauge. *These figures are approximate and can only be used to determine an estimate amount of propane in the tank.

If Gauge Reads: 40 gallon tank80 gallon tank 500 gallon tank
80%180 litres360 litres1500 litres
70%157litres315 litres1300 litres
60%135 litres270 litres1125 litres
50%110 litres225 litres935 litres
40%90 litres180 litres750 litres
30% (Good time to order propane) 67 litres135 litres560 litres
20%45 litres90 litres375 litres